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Emission control systems
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Catalytic converter

Applies to vehicles with petrol engine: The vehicle must only be used with unleaded petrol, otherwise the catalytic converter will be destroyed.

Never run the tank completely dry. The irregular fuel supply can cause misfiring, which would allow unburnt fuel to enter the exhaust system, which could cause overheating and damage the catalytic converter.

Diesel particulate filter

Applies to vehicles with diesel engine: The diesel particulate filter can filter out almost all soot particles contained in the exhaust gas. In normal driving conditions the filter is self-cleaning. Should the self-cleaning function of the filter not be able to operate, e.g. when the vehicle is continuously used only for short trips, the filter becomes obstructed with soot and the symbol Audi A4: Emission control systems. up. for the diesel particulate filter lights up.

Audi A4: Emission control systems. • Because of the high temperatures which can occur in the emission control WARNING

• Because of the high temperatures which can occur in the emission control system (catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter), do not park the vehicle where the exhaust can come into contact with flammable materials under the car (e.g. on grass or at the forest edge). - Fire hazard! • Do not apply any underseal agents in the area around the exhaust system - fire hazard!

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